Meet Our Staff


Tom Maxwell RN

With 40 years as a Registered Nurse, Tom has a wide range of experience and expertise with a variety of alternative modalities. He is a certified HeartMath Clinician and is also certified in Low Energy Neurofeedback, Quantum Touch, and EFT. 


With HeartMath, Tom is helping people learn through self-regulation to manage their own psychophysiology and the ability to move into a coherent state where the heart and brain are better able to communicate. When body, mind, and emotions are coherent, many symptoms will begin to disappear. Through learning this self-regulation process, Tom can help patients have a more engaging relationship with their environment and those around them, with the possibility of decreasing dependence on conventional medicine. With continued use of the HeartMath techniques, patients often feel more focused, less anxious, and experience less sadness.


Tom is also interested, through regular practice of HeartMath techniques, in contributing to global coherence in these stressful times. He is available for virtual appointments to help learn lifelong coping strategies for the stressors life brings.


Low Energy Neurofeedback, or LENS, is a nontraditional form of neurofeedback.  There is no focus or concentration of any kind required and it’s a completely passive process. A LENS session may last as little as a few seconds to just a few minutes. The real beauty of the LENS lies in the fact that it isn’t treatment specific. With the LENS we are merely helping to regulate brainwaves and with that, symptoms may begin to resolve. Tom discovered this amazing technique several years ago through his own experience with migraine with aura. After a referral from his naturopath he is migraine free for the last 6 years after just 10 sessions.


The LENS is also helpful with the symptoms of ADD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety & depression, and traumatic brain injury or TBI.