Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy helps the natural healing process of the body to deliver non-invasive repetitive electrical impulses. Magnetic fields affect the biological processes and are effective in improving symptoms of multiple medical conditions. PEMF stimulates cell metabolism by increasing the flow of electrons and ions across the cell membrane.

This chain of processes leads to the repair and healing of damaged cells. Benefits of PEMF include increased cellular oxygen level, increased cell metabolism, stimulation of electron transport in mitochondria, opening ion channels in cell membranes, increased intracellular fluid and stimulation of intracellular communication.

Additional benefits include stimulation of ATP, release of endorphins, increased blood flow, reduced pain and inflammation, increased range of motion and function, accelerated bone and tissue repair. Increased blood and fluid circulation promotes faster healing from injuries and surgery and improves degenerative nerves in the brain and peripheral sites.

We also have the PEMF 120 available for deeper work.

Devices can be purchased outright or “rent to own” through Building New Horizons.